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Speakers Workshop: Message, Image and Performance

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Two days (2) October 25 and 26th 2018

with a VIP Performance Day Saturday

During this event you’ll discover:

  • The three essential elements every speaker must have to open any door to get an invitation to be on a stage
  • Insider secrets to finding speaking events locally and national
  • PR strategies to add Media Appearances on local and national TV to your speakers reel
  • Learn the blueprint for organizing three key speeches and get the easy to follow blueprint to add your content and crush it every time
  • How to create a Killer title for your talk that will attract the attention of meeting planners and a global online audience
  • Tips to share your life stories in a way that keeps your audience on the edge of their seat
  • How to build instant connection and empathy with your audience by following these professional speakers strategies
  • How to create a polished and professional image for your speaking career
  • Keys to an online image make-over: Learn the latest strategies for Website, Logo and Images
  • The way to build a personal brand and create a movement with your message.
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Learn from watching and evaluating other speakers with a step by step constructive review process that will transform your own speaking simultaneously.

Dr. Kim Nugent, CEO

Kyle S. Ferroly, MS, MAEPH, BCIA-EEG

Your life story may be a map for someone who is lost.
- Kristen White

About Your Host

Kristen White is a spiritual journalist, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneurial media expert. Her media credits included the award- winning film Shamanic Trekker, Journey to the Source and Mandala, a new series featuring best-selling authors in spirituality and wellness, both are available on Amazon Prime.

Kristen is the CEO of White Media Agency who provides online business marketing and development entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses in the wellness and personal development marketplace.

Two days (2) October 25 and 26th 2018

with a VIP Performance Day Saturday

Real success stories, from real people!

You are already an expert in your life’s purpose

Never Been on Stage Before?

Ready to take your message to a larger audience?

Need support to write your talk?

Not sure where to start with your motivational speaking career?

Would like to sell more books and coaching programs?

Want to grow your list and build a community around your brand message?

According to the 2017 Self Improvement Industry study Motivational Speaking is a $1 billion a year industry, and growing at a rate of 5% annually, with about 5,000 professional speakers sharing the majority of the revenue.

Meeting planners and event organizers are looking for new topics and fresh voices to inspire their audiences. Yet, many speakers don’t have their personal speaker's package assembled in a way that allows them to “pass the test” and enter into the profitable speakers circuit. This gateway to entry requires a few key elements, that without them, any speaker remains on the outside of the industry looking in.

There is a place in the spotlight waiting for your message.

Here are the four KEY pieces needed in your Breakthrough Speakers ToolBox.

  • VIDEO:

    A high-quality professional videotape of you on stage as a speaker before a live audience with audience interaction

  • IMAGE:

    A polished and professional image and wardrobe


    A sophisticated and professional website with images of you speaking before an audience


    A published book and coaching program to offer break-out sessions to your audience and meeting planners.

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Your VOICE is the most powerful weapon your possess as a spiritual warrior.
-Kristen White


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Performance VIP DAY: “Step On The Stage” Day

(Limited to 30 people;
Must buy an event ticket to add the Performance Upgrade)

VIP Upgrade: One day, October 27 (Saturday) 9-5

  • Preferred seating front and center stage
  • On-stage performance with private coaching
  • Videotaping for review and professional development
  • One-to-one feedback
  • Group feedback (available upon request)
  • Speech content development

Super Early Bird Price until August 15th

$897 $497

(3-Pay Option of $175/month for 3 months)

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Two days (2) October 25 and 26th 2018

with a VIP Performance Day Saturday

More success stories!

Bruce Hurd, Author, Speaker, and Coach
US Air Force Colonel and Pilot (Retired)

Shout from your Soul... Spark a Movement
-Kristen White

Annella Metoyer, Author of Dare to be the Change

Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle & Animal Communicator to the Stars

The planet needs your inspirational message.
Be the Voice of Positive change.

-Kristen White

Andrea Cadelli, Author, Speaker, and Storytelling Coach

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Two days (2) October 25 and 26th 2018

with a VIP Performance Day Saturday