Motivational Speaker Video
Production Preview

Kim Nugent

Speaking Video

Password: Rock The Stage


Password: Rock The Stage

Dear Kim,

Congratulations on your performance in Las Vegas. You definitely Rocked the Stage!

We are super excited to share this video with you. This is the first version of the edits which is called a STUDIO CUT. You have an opportunity to make the changes that you’d like to this video. These changes may include:

  • Cutting out part of the footage,
  • Switching the camera angle to the audience,
  • Switching the camera angle on you,
  • Increase the sound,
  • Decrease the sound,
  • Correct the color
  • Different audience shot
  • Add more clapping
  • Add standing ovation

Here are the instructions to request these video edits/changes. You have TWO WEEKS to request these changes. There is a countdown timer on this page to remind you of the deadline to request the changes on the video.

After two weeks, the video will be considered approved and converted to its FINAL VERSION.


Instructions to Request Edits of the Video:


What is needed is the "time code" in the video (for example: 2:46 minute in or 5:15 into the video) and then the list of the change(s) you want and what was said in “quotes” and then the specific instructions you want.

These will be the main instructions:

  • Cut this part from here to here
  • Shift angle on Speaker, (closer or wider)
  • Shift to audience, (wide angle of everyone or close up of one person)

All requests must be made via email to

Please provide your YouTube or Vimeo account info via email to

If you are interested in additional editing services :

  • A Speakers Sizzle Reel
  • The Raw Footage
  • Additional edits to your interview
  • Your speaking video edited into small parts for social media

Please email with the edits you’d like to request and we’ll get you a quote.