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  • Do You have a Personal Story that could Change the World?
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Get it Now - 11 Insider Strategies from Top Earning Expert Speakers

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Is a TED or TEDx Talk on your Bucket List for 2019?

Public Speaking helps YOU attract more coaching clients, sell more books, products and services and grow your brand faster than any other business marketing strategy on the planet. 

Are you ready to step on the stage?

When the invitation comes to be a featured speaker from a meeting planner, often the first request is, “Please send me a link to your website and a video of your latest talk.”
Let's face it… preparation is key here.

Does your Professional Image include a Keynote Speaker's Website and a Professional Video of YOU Speaking before a Live Audience. If not, many of the doors your want to open for your business, that you NEED to open for the growth of your brand and your future visibility, may remain closed tight.

Let's get on track right now in this moment and start to map out your message and put you on center stage.

Get it Now - 11 Insider Strategies from Top Earning Expert Speakers

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Kristen White CEO, White Media Agency, a boutique digital production agency based in Denver, Colorado. Transformational media producer and host of Mandala on Amazon Prime and Co-Director of the
award-winning documentary Shamanic Trekker, Journey to the Source.

Kristen brings more than a decade of experience as a television
journalist and anchor to her Transformational Media TV Programs: Let’s Start a Ripple and Mandala. Kristen is an award-winning video
producer, and media and marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs,
authors, speakers, life coaches, and businesses become more powerful
messengers with content creation and on-camera coaching.

Kristen White is trained in energy medicine. She is a Karuna Reiki
Master registered with and she is certified in Tsi Dup Yang Bod, a Tibetan energy medicine from the Bon tradition. Kristen has also been certified in Angel Therapy and has studied shamanism and spent time in Brazil as a Medium of the Casa of John of God. Kristen is an open channel intuitive and has worked extensively with private clients.

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