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Rock the Stage Speakers is a powerful professional tool that helps you create the video footage you need to be competitive as a motivational speaker. Most speaking agents, event planners and TED Talk hosts ask for your video of a recent talk before a live audience before they will even consider you for their stage.

We can help you increase your bookings by giving you a well-produced video that will make a great impression.

Here's why you're going to love this!

  • Perform on stage before a LIVE audience while being recorded with three broadcast cameras who capture you and your audience.
  • Craft a custom talk to get you invited on the most visible stage in the world.
  • Professional hair and makeup artists to polish your look.
  • Get that rock star video of you on stage with three cameras, a live audience, and professional sound, lighting, post-production editing.
  • Get recommended to TED and TEDx venues around the world.
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Do YOU Have a Professional Video of you Speaking on a Stage before a LIVE Audience?

Each production is contained to an intimate group of speakers to ensure the personal attention to every story. We've had the privilege of working with many graduates who are achieving their dreams of speaking on stage. Our alumni report quick results -- landing TED talks and significantly increasing their speaker fees. The National Speakers Association told a recent graduate, "this is the best speakers reel we've ever seen." And, we're honored to work with seasoned speakers as well as those in the nascent stage of speaking professionally.

When you complete our speakers training and production, you earn a Rock the Stage certification that can be added to your bio as a confirmation of your speaking skills.

We invite you to join an elite group of accomplished speakers who can say they "rocked the stage" and register for an upcoming production.

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John Livesay is a dynamic Professional Speaker. Within 30 days of Rocking our Stage, he landed a TED Talk and doubled his speaking fees. He’s been booked several times a month with his new video and he now has a new speaker’s agent who loves the video because it gets him corporate invites over and over again.

Here’s his awesome new sizzle reel

Here’s what he said about working with us

We’re experts at handling all aspects of
your speaker and trainer video production needs.

Upcoming Dates and Locations for Rock the Stage Speakers

It's all Built Around
Your AMAZING Video

  • Las Vegas: Theatrical

    February 22-23, 2019  SOLD OUT

    April 22-25, 2019  (6 spots remain)

    September 23-26, 2019

  • Denver: Modern Event Space

    Spring 2019

    Fall 2019

The options for you are unlimited...

We can video tape, edit and package your entire presentation into a polished and professional product for you to use to market and grow your brand as a professional speaker. We can duplicate and package it in any format. We can even translate it into almost any language.

About Your Host

Kristen White is an award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneurial media expert. Her media credits included the award- winning film Shamanic Trekker, Journey to the Source and Mandala, a new series featuring best-selling authors in spirituality and wellness, both are available on Amazon Prime.

Kristen is the CEO of White Media Agency who provides online business marketing and development entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses in the wellness and personal development marketplace.

Meet Your Executive Producer

Executive Producer John Schwab has worked on several film and television shows including Shamanic Trekker: Journey to the Source and Mandala.

John brings two decades of experience in media production, marketing, and video production for the personal development industry.

Meet Your Celebrity Stylist

Andy is the author of the internationally best-selling book, Style On A Shoestring and has experience doing over 100 "fabulously frugal" makeovers on over 200 episodes of television, airing in over 14 countries.

She earned her title, "Budget Bombshell," honestly through her extensive work. She was featured on NBC's Starting Over, TLC's Ten Years Younger, Style Network's How Do I Look, and SOAP NET'S Soap Talk. Andy has also appeared on hundreds of local networks doing various style segments.

Professional Video Production for Speakers

Dr. Kim Nugent is an award-winning author of the book Promotion Protocol. She plans to use speaking to promote her book. This video is the FIRST time she stepped on stage before a LIVE audience. The National Speakers Association in her city said, “...this was one of the BEST speakers videos they had ever seen.” She was booked right away for two speaking engagements in her area.

Here’s her awesome new sizzle reel

Here’s what she said about working with us

Want to learn more about becoming a professional speaker and getting the video you need to attract the attention of TED Talks, Meeting Planners and Corporate Event Coordinators?

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Real success stories, from real people!

Kyle S. Ferroly, MS, MAEPH, BCIA-EEG

What's Included:

  • 8 Group calls to plan the content of your professional talk hosted ion ZOOM and recorded
  • 3 Private Calls with Kristen White to create and edit your talk before the performance
  • A Private Virtual session with a NYC celebrity stylist to polish your on-stage image
  • Three-camera video production of your giving your talk before a LIVE audience
  • Two rounds of editing of your talk
  • Video of your talk deliver to your platform on Vimeo or YouTube
  • Private community of like-minded speakers
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A Note from Kristen




Often I’m asked,  “What does it take to become a recognized expert and to earn enough income to leave my career?”

Authors, speakers and coaches want the freedom and the income to live a Laptop Lifestyle and spread their message around the world.

Here are the key points to begin to “understand” how this unique path all comes together.

Thought leaders in the world today need to master a multimedia strategy to gain the visibility needed to market their message. Your content is expected to be unique, clear and engaging.  The public decides if they approve, because they invest in your books and retreats. There is an alignment to your personal brand with a synergy between your published works, online training and speaking engagements. All of your platforms are held to the same standards as your peers; are you polished, sophisticated, and using the latest online technology?

It's competitive and if you are ready to step up into a public career transforming lives, you need to invest in the tools to help you achieve the financial and inspirational goals you have for your business.

My background is journalism, television media and film production. I’m an award-winning best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneurial business coach for a decade.  I’ve figured out a step-by-step formula to help you put it all together based on my work with some of the world’s most loved and successful thought leaders.

Here’s the good news, you can start in the place that is most exciting to you. Choose between speaking from a stage, writing your book or training others in your method. Eventually, you’ll need a basic mastery of all three aspects - Speaking, Writing and Coaching.

Want to explore how to start the journey today?

Schedule a complimentary discovery call and create a plan that energizes you and offers you practical, ongoing, step-by-step support.

Your future self is excited to meet you!

Celebrating your Success,

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This Professional Video is THE Breakthrough You Need to Get Booked on Bigger Stages AND Get Paid the Higher Fees.

Plus get these bonuses!

  • Media Kit Webpage

    Showcase your talk so you can get booked for more stages!

  • Session with Celebrity Stylist Andy Paige

    Polish your look so you can rock the stage in style!

Professional Video Production for Speakers

Galit Ventura Rozen is an emerging professional speaker. She gets invited to speak in Las Vegas several times a month. Her speaker's videos from these dozens of events were all poor quality, with inaudible sound and dark lighting, and had no video footage of her audience enjoying her powerful message. Her new video has attracted the attention of several national corporations and her new invitations are really lucrative and exciting!

Here’s her awesome new sizzle reel

Here’s what she said about working with us

More success stories!

Bruce Hurd, Author, Speaker, and Coach
US Air Force Colonel and Pilot (Retired)

Annella Metoyer, Author of Dare to be the Change

Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle & Animal Communicator to the Stars

Andrea Cadelli, Author, Speaker, and Storytelling Coach

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Professional Video Production for Speakers


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